If you think God is off doing something for some one else think again.
Yesterday I met a young lady at my job and in the midst of her giving me a flyer for a concert.  I was so mesmerized by her hair.  You see  I have been trying to get an hair appt. for a month but it would not work out.  Every time  my beautician was available  wasn't.  So needless to say i have been walking around looking like a tack head.  LOL now that's a throwback from the 80's, "tackhead".

Anyway, this young lady who was just as excited about her hair as I was called her beautician., instead of just giving me the number.  She was so excited when talking to me about what her  Since i was working, lol she texted me and we made an appointment for the next day at 12.

Well I came in early after running errands for my hubby and sat there waiting her arrival.  I was so excited and nervous at the same time.  Well the closer it got to 12 I began to get nervous.  Thinking maybe she forgot about me the enemy was stealing my joy slowly but surely. 

But God...

As soon as that thought came she texted me, " up the street on my way".  LOL Thank you Jesus! She didn't forget about me.  So we're in the shop she is analyzing my hair telling me what needs to take place.  She is serious about her hair.  She says, my hair is her hair now so when I am at home she expects me to treat her hair correctly.  LOL i love it. 

Fast forward to her rinsing my hair she begins to speak to me from God.  She was singing,  God's able to do just what he said he will do.... don't give up on God cause he won't give up on you.  He's able!  She then says to me, "that's for you. 
She says God is not standing by just seeing what's happening he see what's going to happen.  He's there for  you. 

I tell you I just wanted to weep.  But I held it together, she said you're in the right place at the right time.  Whew! thank you Jesus! I tell you God will meet you where you are at, and use whomever he desires to use to get to you.  I will not be frustrated nor give up, no matter what the situation is.  I will STAND!! and  you should too.

Know that God loves you and he is WITHU4U

Keep the Faith! 

Kresendo Smith,
A Kingdom Kid!