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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

No Good thing does He withhold....

I looked at her my 13 yr old with such joy in my heart, instantly I had forgotten how mad, sad or disappointed I had been towards her earlier.  The tone of her voice saying, "Oooh" and the smile on her face when she opened up her bag of makeup brushes was just what I needed to experience.  Such a small gift made her so very excited and made me thankful in that instant to be her mom and share in her joy.  My daughter and I had just been bumping heads for the past couple of days.  I just was annoyed with her actions as she was with reacting to her actions. Seems no matter what we were discussing we didn't agree with one anothers demeanor. Me saying no to certain request made her mad as well as sad and made me feel like a mean overwhelmed mother.  Amazingly one decision to do for her despite what had been taking place changed my attitude. Her joy made me aware of how much God loves me & rejoice in my joy.  In spite of me messing up, or being fearful or not doing what he commands me to do, he still doesn't withhold good things from me. 

Psalm 84:11 (NASB)

11 For the Lord God is a sun and shield;
The Lord gives grace and glory;
No good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly

I made a quick trip to the store for one thing but came back from the store with a couple of things which included a few items that she had previously mentioned she wanted to buy.  For instance makeup brushes for her eyes; recently she became interested in wearing eye makeup.  She is always on Youtube watching videos on how to "properly apply" your makeup. LOL teenagers.  So while in the store I picked up a set along with eye makeup remover (no oil). Why? Because her older sister said it just annoys her when she sees her remove her make up with vaseline.  "It's greasy mom she complains about bumps on her forehead so she doesn't need to use that", WOW I use vaseline and it works just fine for me, but okay I gave in and bought it.  Some concealer because the Youtube expert says it allows your eye makeup to last longer.  Some Clear Care a special solution that cleans her contacts (that she just got for her 13th birthday because she says she is sooooo tired of wearing glasses :-) to get rid of protein that builds up on them (according to her doctor). Last item some Zaditor antihistamine eye drops to stop the itching when wearing her contacts because of allergies.  And to think I went to the store for 1 item.

Whew girls are so much work & expensive!   LOL.

Now I know these things are tangible things and she was happy to receive them but I received such an unexpected blessing from watching her joy! Her joy touched my heart it caused me to want to show my heavenly Father joy so that I may touch his heart.  Doing something for her was a lesson for me. I have a new perspective on showing joy to my Father so that he may have joy in his heart when he sees me full of joy.  I was overjoyed to see my child full of joy I only imagine Jesus is just as overjoyed. Tangible things are nice to have but "joy" is such a blessing to experience. Jesus loves us unconditionally, He is the one that gave his life so that we can have eternal life, have unspeakable joy  and for that I'll worship & praise Him continually!  I love Him wholeheartedly for who he is!

Joy is a good thing and I don't ever want to withhold it from my saviour.  Thank you Jesus for being my savior!

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