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Monday, November 26, 2012

What do you want for Christmas?

What is it you want for this holiday season?  I have thought of so many things I would love to have but I couldn't seem to narrow it down to one specific special thing. Thoughts I have had were things like the new Samsung cell phone, a kindle fire HD, olympus pen camera, new clothes and so on and so on.  But one thing for sure I have realize there is always stuff out there I will want.  It just didn't seem great enough to have for Christmas.  I mean once you purchase one thing something new will come out and it would put to shame what you just bought. LOL. 

But one thing I truly desire is to get my Kingdom Kids Ministry up and operating in full effect.  I want to sit down and develop a curriculum that will teach Who We are in Christ.  I want to get tshirts made and other cute trinkets that will remind us and introduce to others that "we" are apart of God's great kingdom. I want to have this ministry so burning in my spirit that everything I do will be for God to receive all the glory.  That's what I need for Christmas. 

I need to have an encounter with Holy Spirit so that I know what it is God is speaking to me to do next so that His word can be spread amongst all especially the younger generation. I mean they are our future, and they need to know how to apply their spiritual weapons to quench all fiery darts. We all need to be on fire for God, to have such a yearning to be a part of Christ to know how he is directing us.  We must do this by using God's Word! 

Well that's what I want for Christmas, what about you?

Keep the Faith,
K. Smith

...translated into the kingdom of his dear son :) 

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