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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Thank you Lord for another day....

My heart aches today as my mind is being swarmed with memories of times with my Dad, whom I lost July 9, 2012.  Seems like every conversation, tv show, commercial or song reminds me of some moment in time.  For instance I can remember my brother wanting to go to McDonald's, so we all piled in the car driving up to the big yellow M in the sky.  Wow that was exciting,  I think that was the best day of our life.  Hahaha!  My dad was the one always driving us someplace.... like when he would drive me to high school, yes high school; I hated riding the city bus especially in the winter time. Plus it seem to take me forever to get ready in the morning.  Anyway on our route to school he will stop at all my friends bus stops and they would pile in the car so happy that Mr. Adam came along. Hah hah he just be fussing as he picked everyone up.... ahh that brings a smile to my face. But it really hurts my heart knowing he is gone. 

One thing I remember about my dad is him saying, "Thank you Lord for another day".  He would just blurt it out daily, sometimes more than once a day.  And I have began to do the same thing, sometimes thoughts run through my mind so fast I can hardly process them. So I will just say "thank you Jesus!"  It just seems to bring me peace.  So even though my heart aches because of the absence of my dad I say today...
"Thank you Lord for another day"

...absent from the body is present with the Lord. Stay encouraged!

K. Smith
Keep the Faith!

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