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Monday, January 9, 2012

Is God good?

I thank God that I woke up this morning. Somewhere someone lost a love one. It may have started off rocky but God was still in control.  We lost power in our home in the middle of the night yet by 6:01 am it came back on. What's amazing about that is we get up at 6:00 am to start our day. Isn't God good!

We started a new system at work today lines were backed up customers were cranky and complaining. Who am I kidding I was cranky and complaining. Yet God chose to use two people to cross my path to say, "don't worry about it just do what you have to do they (cranky customers) will be alright. That brought encouragement to me and reminded me to just do what I can. 

Even though I didn't like the change I had to stick with it I calmed down proceeded to work, and then the camera I used for this new system, broke, right off the stand! there it was just laying there.  Wow, is what I thought as I looked at it. I just had to laugh, I signed back into the old system continued to work and got the line down.  Yes God is good!

Since we lost power in the middle of the night my cell phone didn't charge fully. So I thought I will just charge it at work. I plug it up, nothing. Matter of fact it shut my phone completely down. I'll turn it back on plug it back into the computer and it will shut down completely. Okay I said looking at the same cord I always use to plug up my phone into my computer at work, but for some strange reason it didn't want to work today. Wow! I said once again, Okay I say I'll just go out to my car plug it up and continue to work. But fear whispers, "what if someone needs to get in contact with you" or better yet "what if the kids need you". I hesitated then reminded myself how I use to go places all the time without any electronic device. So I went and plugged it up in my car till lunch time,  still God is a good God!

A friend in need had submitted paperwork months ago so that her family could continue to have food in their home yet she had been denied because the information was put into the system wrong. It was establised it was keyed in wrong yet there were so many loopholes to jump through to get it changed. Weekly she called trying to get it corrected but she kept getting the run around, until TODAY! Another day that God is soooooo Good!

This is the same friend that even though everything around her said she wouldn't be able to. Made the decision to travel 19 hours so that her husband can spend Christmas with his family. Something he had not done in years due to finance. But she stood on faith took what they had and began their journey believing that Jehovah-Jireh had already prepared the way. And indeed he did, they got there and back safely. It wasn't easy the car sounded like it was about to fall apart, her husband was stricken with shingles, the enemy tried to attack her daughter with sickness, yet she stood on the promises of God and accomplished what they set out to do. Spend time with family over the holiday that was long overdue.

There are so many distractions in life, many things and many people have been used to take our focus off of the fact that God has already made provision for us. And no matter what weapon that is formed it will not prosper against us if we just STAND. I learned something from her this Christmas to just do it in fear.  I have been reading a book entitled "Motivated by Passion held back by Fear", but I got the lesson better watching her passionately go after what her heart desired even though fear was staring her in the eye.

So, even though the enemy will use distraction to try to stop us, we can use them to STAND on his promises. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ you serve a faithful God that is always WITHU4U!!!! If not then call on him right now, confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead and you too will be serving a faithful God. (Romans 10:9,10) 

Have a blessed day,
K. Smith

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