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Monday, September 19, 2011


All last week I was in conference and the cool thing about is I didn't have to leave the comfort of my home.  I was plugged in via internet and compliments of Daystar tv. Bill Winston Ministries had their International Faith Conference last week and when I tell you I was blessed I mean to tell you I was BLESSED!  Whew and the wonderful thing is you can be blessed too. If you want to get some word in you to help build up your faith and remind you that God has already supplied us with all that we need to have a blessed life on this earth, then purchase the material from the conference.

Bishop Bismark talked about we the church are in the Golden Age, when our faith is increased God is enlarged. Think about the God being enlarged to do more on this earth through us his children.  Jesse Duplantis talked about Learning how to think outside the box, learn to see beyond the perception of things. Then Dr. Creflo Dollar spoke about there are 2 systems, the kingdom & the world, Pick One. Whew I tell you it was awesome. Also Bishop Oyedepo came and enlightened us with Unveiling the stronghold of Faith. Wow that man of God reminded me that everything I need or want, my father released it, that there is unlimited opportunities in Faith.  Everything comes down from heaven By Faith! and it is no respector of person,  the truth triumphs everywhere. Acts 10:34. Truth delivers the same value in every nation. We all are redeemed no matter what nationality we are no matter what language we speak . In others words he did it for me he'll do it for you and vice versa. Whew! Then Kenneth Copeland came in there and talked about The Blessing, since we are blessed God as said we are to be fruitful, to multiply and we are to replenish. That the ability to do those three things are already in us, just act on it. God has already called us Blessed so Be Blessed.( be fruitful, multiply, replenish). Wow that is POWERFUL! Don't you think well I do, i just keep listening to the sermons over and over so my faith can continue tobe built up and my flesh can die daily.
Then of course the last night Pastor Bill Winston just summed it all up, he was so in the spirit I and I was right there with him. He told us to Speak the Word speak things into existence. He gave the example of Moses he was suppose to speak to the rock but instead he struck it for the water to come out. Yet that isn't what God told him to do. He had already showed if he struck it the water would flow out he was trying to get Moses to JUST SPEAK THE WORD, why? because Moses was a speaking spirit just like you and I. Whew now I was on my feet right there.
There is no way you can get the anointed word of God and not be taken to another level in Christ. Well  that was just a brief summary of what I heard check out the dvd's or cd's and see what the Lord has for you.
Remember we serve a faithful gracious loving God and he wants the best for us. Spend time with him hear his voice is is irresistable. LOL

Love you all and remember God is WITHU4U,
Kresendo Smith

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