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Friday, September 9, 2011

In real life...

Life is grand in Real Life, I smell the roses when I wake up in the morning. It's a wonderful time to connect with my Savior.  I thank Him for  allowing  me and my family to see another day. In real life all my prayers that goes up to my heavenly father are answered and i have no doubt about when it will manifest on this earth.  His grace is sufficient and he is my rock I am built on a firm foundation and in Him I trust I stick to I adhere to in Real Life...
I do not worry I do not fret. I don't concern myself with those that have done me wrong.  I immediately  go to to the Father and pray for those he places on my heart so he will bless them. My heart is always full of joy and thanksgiving, love pours out of it daily even to those that show no love to others.  That's how it is in Real Life, but in reality those are the things I have to continually work on.
Be blessed and know that God is always WITHU4U and we are well able to live the life he has given to us.  Don't let his death be in vain.

Kresendo Smith

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