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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

So today is Father's Day and I'm feeling sad.  I lost my dad last July and this is the first Father's day without him.  My heart is aching with pain then joy once I think of his love for us.  I keep hearing him say my name, it's Cindy but he always pronounced it Sidney. LOL  I miss his random calls just to see how me and my family is doing because we live a couple of states away.  He never talked long on the phone just long enough to show he cared and missed us. 

Well I miss you daddy so much, I really do.  As tears run down my face I keep hearing..."absent from the body is present with the Lord."  My heart aches for my mom as well they were together for so long and now she doesn't have him there anymore not even to have casual conversations with.  Dear Lord, please heal her heart. 

I know death is a part of life, but it is so difficult at times.  One thing that gets me through those sad moments of losing a parent are words my husband told me many years ago.  When we met he had lost his mother.  He was in his late teens right after high school and these are the words he lives by, he told me  "You never get over it you just learn how to live with it."  Well Daddy I'm learning how to live knowing that you are in the "heavenly place with our savior"

Love you Daddy, Happy Father's day!

Remember to "Keep the Faith" and know that God is "WithU4U"
K. Smith

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