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Saturday, June 4, 2011

God is....

As i sit here listening to praise and worship music my spirit is stirred up and I am reminded that there is a God. That his spirit is real and is present with me right now. Even though I feel like my whole world has been turned upside down, feel like I don't belong or fit in nowhere right now I know that God is real. 

He is Jehovah-rapha my healer not just physical ailments but he heals my heart, my wounds, my hurts, my disappointments, he heals my emotions he heals my thoughts.  Because God is real he allows me to think in a more productive way after I have allowed the enemy in and attack my thoughts.  Because his spirit brings life darkness always has to give way to the light.  Even though the enemy slips into the lifes of believers to destroy all that God has instilled in us, our spirit has been equipped to ENDURE! Therefore I know that God is real because I am still able to cry out Abba Father, and only by his sweet Holy Spirit am I able to do that.

Know that God is real today what he has for you is good cry out to him today from the depths of your soul.  He is a living and true God and he will answer us each and every time because he hears us when we cry out to him.  I will always praise Him even in my darkest moment my soul has been trained to cry out "Daddy"  Because my spirit man knows that God is real. Do you in your weakest moment know that God is real?

Lord how I praise and worship you today I lift up my eyes to you God from which my help comes from.  I thank you that you chose me to be one of your children and I do surrender it all to you I give it to you because you God are the only one that can take all that I am burden with, weighed down with and bring good out of it.  Everything and everyone belongs to you every circumstance, situation, and all the glory all  the honor belongs to you Father.  I thank you God on today that even in my state of mind at this moment that I am able to say, Jesus is Lord and I love and adore you. 

I was reading a book entitleed Names of God by Nathan Stone and it said, the enemy that Israel should had been completely subdued, subdued them. That one statement stuck out at me.  Have I been subdued by the enemy that God has equipped me to subdue? My answer today is yes I had been no more.  I believe God sent me to that one sentence in that book as an answer to my prayers.  I had been asking God what and where is the key you have given me to my destiny? I believe his answer today is he has given me the power to subdue the enemy. My goodness that is a blessing.
I have tilled and planted but not reaped, the heathen had embittered and endangered my existence.  But Today No More! It is wonderful to be reminded of who I am in Christ. I know and serve a true living God and his answers to my prayers are Yes and Amen. 

So I say to you today Hold On a bit longer God has not forgotten you.  And he will make your enemies your footstool, Come out of your hidden places, FIGHT,  STAND and SEE the Salvation of the Lord! Trust in God and remember that we are more than conquerors in Him.  God will prevail and he will have the last word.

Be Blessed & know God is With you and for you always!

Keep the Faith,


Kresendo said...
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Rachelle said...

I enjoyed this blog and it was definitely a confirmation of some thoughts I've been having..... Also, one of my sisters told me after the death of her child she was mad at God for allowing her child to die tragicly and she couldn't sit in church. She is back in fellowship with Him now. But given my present circumstances I still know God is God.....the Great I AM, Maker and Creator of everything, so in that I will not give up on Him (because I know he hasn't given up on me, in all my faults). Thanks for this blog and all your thoughts. God is truly good and I will continue to praise Him all my days, even when it gets hard to do that.

In Jesus Name.